your safety helper, Cam.G Plus

take it anywhere and make it safe for you. portable security device Cam.G Plus

intrusion detection and signal transmission
Carbon monoxide detection alarm
The ultrasonic for mosquito control
Convenient temperature and humidity control for camping
LED lights for safety
Monitoring control with our special App to oversee the status of tent
Emergency Alarm

Product Name / Model Name CAM.G PLUS / CAMG1000
Weight, Size 220g, 100*100*45mm
Voltage DC 5V, 0.8A
Battery capacity 3500mAh
Charging cable USB ‘C’ TYPE
Charging time 5 hour
Product Composition Cam G Plus. USB cable for charging, Pouch, Customer Manual
Manufacturer / Seller CPD group
Country of Origin Republic of Korea
E-Catalogue Download

Cam.G Plus
Intended Use

  • Travel and Camping
    - Keep your space safe and comfortable with easy-carry Cam.G
    - Intrusion detection, carbon monoxide detection, LED lights, emergency alarm, temperature and humidity control
    - Mosquito repellent

  • Car travel
    - Caravan, Car Camping
    - Intrusion detection, carbon monoxide, mosquito repellent, LED lights, emergency alert, and temperature/humidity control

  • As a security and safety helper for households with one and/or two individuals.
    - For intrusion detection, place Cam.G at a place where a break-in is expected.
    - Place Cam.G next to your bed for reading or nursing your baby.
    - With its carbon monoxide detection feature, you can check the indoor air quality and prevent a risk of suffocation.
    - Mosquito repellent

  • Small warehouse in need of security services
    - Possible to be used in construction offices, warehouses, and farms.
    - Intrusion detection, carbon monoxide detection, LED lights, temp and humidity control

Product Features

  • Intrusion detection alarm
    5m detection range

  • Temperature and humidity monitoring, PET function
    Temperature and humidity alarm
    Pet Humidity Management
  • Carbon monoxide alert function
    UL, EU, KOR standard

  • The LED of 3 step
    1 step 150Lm 2 step 200Lm 3 step 250Lm

  • The ultrasonic for mosquito control
    Ultrasonic wave(17.4Khz) generation
  • Emergency bell

  • STEP 1

    Depending on a user’s mobile device,
    download the camg app from Google or Apple Store and install it
  • STEP 2

    Power ON Cam.G Plus
  • STEP 3

    Run the downloaded camg app and connect it via bluetooth
  • STEP 4

    Create a password
    Activate the camg App
  • STEP 5

    Time to enjoy your camping and trips without any worries about safety and feelings of discomfort

The Cam.G PLUS is easy to take and use anywhere with you.

User Safety Precautions

camg App is for Android and Apple only.

This product is not waterproof.
Due to the characteristics of many sensors, waterproof function is not provided.
liquid ingress into the product may cause a failure.

The intrusion detection feature must be installed in a fixed position to operate normally.
It's efficient to use it on a table or on the floor that doesn't shake.
If it is installed at the top of the tent, an alert may sound due to shaking of tent.

For accurate temperature and humidity measurements, it is recommended that functions such as heat-rich LED and carbon monoxide functions are not used simultaneously with the temperature and humidity sensors.
Due to the large amount of heat in the battery during or after the charging station, it may be difficult to measure the correct temperature and humidity.
Simultaneous use of heat-sensitive LED or other sensors will affect temperature and humidity.

When using Cam.G use a stand so that the ventilation on the back is secured.

If not used for a long period of time, charge at least 80% and store it.

When using the carbon monoxide alarm function, the carbon monoxide sensor starts sensing after self-calibration for about 2 minutes after the sensor is turned on.

When using the LED lantern function, the battery life is 10 hours in the first stage, 13 hours in the second stage, and 5 hours in the third stage. When using all other functions at the same time except the LED lantern function, it can be used for about 12 hours or more.